Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Romancing of Lighthouses

In my continuation of writing about lighthouses my next installment is one that I love. When I lived on Cape Cod back in the early 1980’s I would see this lighthouse daily and when I went out boating would pass it on our trips.

Channel Point Lighthouse is a Faux Light, a replica of Brant Point Light.
Apparently, a local resident decided a Lighthouse was needed to mark Channel Point near the edge of the shipping channel entering the Inner Harbor of Hyannis. According to a Hyannis Tourist Information Guide, the Lighthouse was established as a private aid to navigation and is not a official Light recognized by the United States Coast Guard.
Since the Lighthouse is not a official navigational aid, the “Bug” Light has also been called the Lewis Bay Lighthouse and the Hyannis Inner Harbor Light. Lighthouses were named for the geographic location they marked as a general rule. Therefore, Channel Point Lighthouse best describes the location to warn mariners away from.
Unfortunately, there is no information to whether Channel Point Light is actually used by navigation entering the inner harbor, yet when we visited the harbor, the Light was Flashing Green to mark the point after sunset which supports the Hyannis Tourist Information Guide assertions. Regardless of whether mariners are guided by Lighthouse or not, the Inner Harbor is a crowded harbor of refuge with Ferries, commercial fishing vessels, and 180-plus pleasure crafts moored at the Hyannis Marina.

When I was photographing this lighthouse from all angles I realized how different it looked. Tell me what you think.

From these angles it looks congested with city life.

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 2 blog

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 5 blog

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 3 blog

The angles below are my favorite. More solitude.

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 4 blog

Lewis Bay Lighthouse blog

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 6 blog

Lewis Bay Lighthouse 1 blog

For me each photograph takes on its own story and they look like different lighthouses. So depending on where I was standing, this lighthouse had many lives.