Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Out With the Old, in With the New

The changing of seasons is always a shedding of the skin for me. Mostly with Spring and Fall, those are the two seasons that really make changes in what I see in the world. As most of you know my photography is based on nature as I'm inspired by it daily and seeing all the changes in the seasons is a photographers paradise.

Anticipating Spring is always almost heart wrenching for me. The end of one season to the next especially winter into spring is a religious experience for me. When life comes into bloom and the flowers start popping. The air is getting warmer and the birds start chirping.......just like a rebirth.

Now that Summer is leaving and Autumn is coming I'm starting to feel sad that the warm air is moving out and all the flowers are leaving. The trees speak to us with all their glorious colors reminding us that soon they will be shedding their leaves and await a whole winter season and then come back to life in the spring. The colors of the trees that surround me remind me what a miraculous world we live in. Below are some of the brilliant colors I'm come across......from autumn wildflowers to glorious trees.

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