Thursday, February 7, 2008

My First Feature Artist

My first feature is Olivia, owner of The Filigree Garden. The moment I went into Olivia's Shop I felt romance. Her jewelry peices have a sense of history along with beauty. It all started when Olivia was small, she loved rummaging through her mothers jewelry draw, thinking she was in a treasure chest. She loved to see and feel all the wondeful gems. She would make simple pieces for her dolls. When Olivia was in her 20's she took a silversmithing class, however, at the time she was working with fabric. She makes bags, childrens clothing, pillows, curtains and slip covers. She says "Fabric is very tempting to me, I love all the colors and textures." Olivia just recently has returned to her love of jewelry with needing to repair her own jewelry and having her late mothers collection. Being a big fan of handmade and locally produced items, an internet search brought her to Etsy. She states "Its very satisfying to give new life to forgotten things"

One of the reasons I loved this shop is Olivia's items contain an element that has been "rescued" from a broken piece of vintage jewelry which is a big part of their beauty and also makes them one of a kind. So far her Etsy experience has been wonderful. She loves being apart of her BBest team. She mentions that being with so many vibrant, artistic and interesting men and women over 40, keeps her going when she starts to feel old, it reminds her and all of us, that there is so much to look forward to.

Olivia's other passions are Photography and Writing.

Please take a visit to Olivia's shop, The Filigree Garden