Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Baby's Grown up

Sometimes I find blogging very difficult and very hard to come up with subjects but I can never get enough of my family.  I talk a lot about my daughter but not much about my son.  He's my first born, January 24, 1981.  There isn't one day that I never saw him without a smile.  OK when I had to diaper him, he'd fuss and cry because I was keeping him from playing, but mostly he was the happiest and funniest child.  I know all moms think their children are far advanced than others, but he was truly an over achiever when it came to physical achievements.

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He was born in January and was walking perfectly by November.  His father bought him a 2 wheeler bike with training wheels when he was 4 and by the end of the day his training wheels were off.  He surely had a need for speed.  He had me running ragged trying to keep up with him.

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By the time he could walk we put him in ice skates which he loved.  He's been playing hockey most of his life and decided he wanted to be a goalie, which horrified me, but he was so good and natural in the position.  He played youth hockey through high school.

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He was an avid water skier also and played any sport he could.

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My son has seen many challenges in his life.  He was in a horrific car accident which he broke his neck and was lucky to be alive and to be walking.  He was in a halo brace for 6 months.  One year later he decided to take a ride on a motorcycle and crashed it and broke his back.  Another 6 months in a brace.  Well he decided to slow his life down a bit after that which was music to my ears.  After getting over these physical and mental challenges he's had through his years, he has turned into the most caring and beautiful person.  He's chosen a wife who happens to be the most wonderful person and has a stepson whom he loves dearly.


He will be 28 soon and I'm so proud of all his accomplishments and all his challenges that he's conquered my heart is swelled with happiness.    They are expecting their first son in February which will bring more joy to this boy who has become a tremendous man.  Love you David.