Monday, February 18, 2008

Through the Viewfinder TTV

One thing I enjoy with my photography is learning about new formats of photography. I have been reading about TTV, through the viewfinder. Before I even knew what that was I was seeing alot of these images over the internet and was very much attracted to that type of photography. At first I thought it was "Photoshop" trickery but it is actually a photograph taken by using two camera. OK, now how do I get started. First I had to purchase an old Kodak Duraflex Camera, so onto Ebay I went. From what I read I wouldn't have to spend more than $20. My did I have good luck, I spent .99 cents, no other bidders....great. Then my next challenge I have to build a contraption to block out the light and also be long enough for my lens to get a good focus on the other lens. Sounds confusing...well here is an example
of that it looks like.

The above website is where I learned how to make my contraption. I used black thin poster board for mine and taped it to my camera since I am awkward and don't have long arms. Still challenging and uncomfortable. Hopefully in time will be better. I have listed a few of my TTV's. My daugther who was nice enough to model for me and whom I think is a natural beauty anyways. I think the effect is amazing and I'm learning to play around and hopefully my subject matter and my technique will improve. But I'm definately having fun trying.

Below is more TTV